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Coronal Polishing Course (Day Two)

January 26, 2019 @dentalassistinginstitute.com 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Dental Board of California certifies Dental Assisting Institute’s Coronal Polishing Course and successful completion is required in order to take the RDA examination. The course is divided into 3 sections, (a) 4 hours of classroom training, (b) 4 hours of laboratory/pre-clinical training and (c) 4 hours of clinical training.

Each student must satisfactorily demonstrate to the instructor clinical competency in infection control requirements prior to clinical instruction in coronal polishing.

The areas of instruction include the following as they relate to coronal polishing;

Coronal Polishing Basics
Legal requirements
Description and goals of coronal polishing
Indications and contraindications of coronal polishing
Criteria for an acceptable coronal polish

Principles of plaque and stain formation
Clinical description of plaque, intrinsic and extrinsic stains and calculus
Etiology of plaque and stain
Clinical description of teeth that have been properly polished and are free of stain
Tooth morphology and anatomy of the oral cavity as they relate to polishing techniques and to retention of plaque and stain

Polishing materials
Polishing agent composition, storage and handling
Abrasive material composition, storage, handling and factors that affect rate of abrasion
Disclosing agent composition, storage and handling
Armamentaria for disclosing and polishing techniques
Contraindications for disclosing and polishing techniques

Principals of tooth polishing
Clinical application of disclosing before and after a coronal polish
Instrument grasps and fulcrum techniques
Purpose and techniques of the mouth mirror for indirect vision and retraction
Characteristics, manipulation and care of dental handpieces when performing a coronal polish
Pre-medication requirements for the compromised patient
Use of adjunct materials for stain removal and polishing techniques
Techniques for coronal polishing of adults and childres
Procedures for cleaning fixed and removable prosthesis and orthodontic appliances
Disclosing and polishing evaluation criteria

Infection control protocols

This is a two day course given on weekends. Please click on “Event Category” to see all class dates.