Course Outline | Dental Theory and Terminology | Dental Assisting Institute
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The following subjects are covered in depth from both a didactic and a practical clinical experience. The morning lecture is followed by an afternoon of clinical, hands on training in the operation of all the equipment, instrumentation, and materials used in our state-of-the-art practicing dental office.

I. Dental Theory and Terminology

A. Dental and oral anatomy, tooth numbering system

B. Instrument nomenclature and identification for all aspects of General Dentistry

C. Dental Terminology

D. Equipment operation, chair positioning, assistant equipment usage

II. Receptionist-Front Desk Office Management

A. Phone techniques and appointment book control

B. Billing and accounting systems

C. Billing: accounts receivable and accounts payable, collections

D. Filing insurance forms

III. Four-Handed Dental Assisting

A. Instrument transfer techniques, chair side assisting and suctioning

B. Chair-side doctor-patient assisting positioning

C. Tub and tray systems

D. Use of instruments and materials in assisting for:

1. Operative Dentistry

2. Oral Surgery

3. Crown and Bridge

4. Endodontics

5. Periodontics

6. Pedodontics

7. Orthodontics

E. Handpiece care and maintenance

IV. Radiology

A. X-ray theory and technique, use of Rinn holders and other methods

B. Intraoral , bitewing, panoramic, and endodontic exposure methods

C. Developing x-rays using the automatic processor

D. Darkroom care and maintenance

V. Impressions and Model Trimming

A. Impression materials and practice in their use; alginates

B. Counter impressions

C. Model pouring and trimming

VI. Sterilization Techniques

A. Sterilization theory and terminology, autoclave operation

B. Instrument and equipment sterilization / disinfection

C. Treatment room disinfection and asepsis techniques

D. Universal precautions – Ethics and jurisprudence

VII. Job Interview and Placement Assistance

A. Proper image, dress, resume, and how to prepare for the job interview itself

B. Difficult questions you may face and how to answer them

C. Do’s and Don’ts during the interview, what to expect